Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Wells-next-the-sea....Pensthorpe Natural park

My first visit to Pensthorpe Natural Park, a super place to visit for all ages! Birds, wildlife, splendid gardens, conservation projects, play areas and much more! A day isn't enough to see all that the park offers. The gardens were a joy to walk around, no two beds were the same and the range of plants was amazing! Quite a few plants are what we would plant in a small to medium garden and good to see on a much larger scale.

Images from the day at Pensthorpe.
                                                                     Barnacle Goose.
                                                              A smart looking Goose!
                                                                 Egyptian Geese.
                                            I reckon we can tell who ate all the pies!!!

                                                              Great Crested Grebe.
                                                              How regal they look!
                                       A colourful water bird that we sometimes overlook.
                                                           An assemblage of birds.

                                                 Walk like an Egyptian .....on water!!!
                                                                  Well not quite;-)

Common Blue Damselflies.


                                               It looks like a moth the damselfly was eating.

                                                                Me and my shadow!
                                                                      Ruddy darter

                                         It was rescued from the water but did not recover.

                                                             Peacock butterfly.
                     Not that many butterflies sighted today. A worn Gatekeeper and a few Whites!

The pools intermingled with the gardens.

A few images of the delightful gardens. 

                                                                    Golden Rod!
                                                   A plant that attracts so many insects!

Finally...did you know?

All for now....finale to follow in due course (or when I have some free time).

Monday, 31 August 2020

Wells-next-the-sea....RSPB Titchwell Marsh N R

A visit to the recently opened (on my visit) RSPB Titchwell Marsh N R was as expected going to be quite different from my last visit. An explanation of the restrictions in place at the reserve were given by friendly volunteers. The hides were closed on this visit and the cafe were serving drinks and light snacks and thankfully the loos were open...what a relief that was!!!

Social distancing along the paths was adhered to and friendly smiles given by most people making for a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

A Wall butterfly was good to see but it led me a merry dance along the hedgerow as I tried unsuccessfully to get a photo.

It was a breezy and sunny spells day today and pleasantly warm when the sun shone.

There were at least 350+ Avocets on the Freshmarsh along with Black-tailed Godwits, Ruff, Common Sandpipers, Golden Plovers and at least 3+ Spoonbills to name just a few species. A great sight to see especially the Avocets in such a good number.
On the tidal marsh highlights were Oystercatcher, Grey Plover, Bar and Black-tailed Godwits and Curlew.

I experienced a camera malfunction so I have had to jiggle around with some of the images. I did eventually cure the ailing camera!!!!



                                                                 Another Avocet
A few hundred Avocet along with Spoonbills, Godwits, Geese etc. before they mostly all took flight due to a post being knocked in to the ground by a couple of volunteers!! They did return eventually, the birds not the volunteers!

A Great White Egret was sighted on the return walk from the beach. Distant but lovely to see. It was apparently one of 2 sighted that day on the reserve.

Tidal marsh

Black-tailed Godwits in flight.

                                                              Black-tailed Godwit


                                                      Oystercatchers and Godwit
                                                                    Titchwell beach

It was an enjoyable visit. Good it is possible to visit the reserve and have enough space to keep  socially distant, something we will have to endure for the foreseeable future. One day we will get back to 'normal'.

Next...a day at Pensthorpe Natural Park was enjoyed.
                                                            To be continued.

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Wells-next -the Sea.North Norfolk. August 2020.

A much needed holiday was enjoyed in Wells-next -the -sea. Staying in an apartment situated on the quayside with amazing views of the harbour, salt marshes and to the sea and pine woods beyond was perfect!
With the incoming and outgoing tides, private boats, fishing boats being loaded and unloaded, families crabbing on the quayside and the birdlife the scenery was almost continually changing and a delight to see.

A few images attached that were taken on the first couple of days of the holiday.
                                    Wells-next-the-sea harbour.

                                              Wells salt marshes.
This was an ever changing view with the ebb and flow of the tide and varying daylight.

                                                  Lifeboat Horse.
An unusual sculpture to see in a harbour. A link is added to read of how it came to be permanently situated in the harbour.

A gulls eyeview!
                                                    Little Egret
                              They were seen regularly on the marsh.

                                               Holkham Bay.

Holkham Hall had organised a 'Feast in the park' event held on weekends during August. It was good to chill out and enjoy tasty street food and drink and on the Sunday a Jazz band played adding to the peaceful and restful ambience, socially distanced of course! It was a great atmosphere and the sun shone on both visits!

The lake was quiet with just a few Mallard and Great Crested Grebe seen distantly, more social distancing!!

It was lovely to see the appearance of a herd of Fallow Deer.

A few decided to have a drink as they passed by the Geese, Mallards and Gulls on the riverside.

After the enjoyment of a weekend spent relaxing at Holkham Hall the following day RSPB Titchwell Marsh N R beckoned.

To be continued.