Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A 'Blue Moon' start to New Years day 2010!... 01/01/2010

I watched last night's 'Blue Moon' setting this morning! A lovely sight to start the 'New Year 2010' off with! The photo was taken at 8.11am.
The first bird seen in 2010 was the bird I thought it would most likely be, a Blackbird! It was a close call with a Robin though! The Robin was singing it's sombre winter song and I could hear the Blackbird alarm calling but could not see either bird as it was still not quite daybreak. The Blackbird flew to the top of the conifers and it's silhouette was unmistakable, so the Blackbird had the honour of being my first bird sighting of 2010! The birds were rewarded with a good breakfast to help see them through the chill of the day! I had seen 10 bird species in my garden before setting off to Upton Warren Nature Reserve!

Thermal everything was needed today as the day was a cold one! The Moors Pools was the first port of call. Roughly half of the Pool was frozen over and the birds on the water were at a distance from the chosen hide. Highlight birds seen were Common Snipe, Lapwing, Teal. Tufted Duck,Pochard, Shelduck and Shoveler. As we were leaving the hide, well walking down the steps of the hide, a gentleman called to us telling us he had sighted a Bittern! Brill!!! The 1st of January and a Bittern! We had good scope views of it as it stood motionless for a few minutes and then began to edge it's way along the edge of the reeds. Smiles all around in the hide, always nice when someone shares their sightings!
After lunch it was over to the Flashes, they were frozen over completely! Not a thing on the water, well ice! I tell a fib, a Carrion Crow attempted to ice skate but gave up and flew off.lol!! A lone Fieldfare was sighted, also a lone Blackbird and Dunnock, besides these birds and a few B H Gulls it was devoid of birds! So back to the feeding station, along the way I placed a small amount of bird seed on each fence post top, no good putting a pile of it on as it would have been lost possibly in the vegetation below the fence. I hope the birds enjoyed it. Good views at the feeders were had of a G S Woodpecker also a Wren flitting amongst the frozen vegetation in front of the hide. Reed Bunting, Blue & Great Tits, Long-tailed Tits and Chaffinch were amongs other highlights at the feeders! A great day's birding though a cold one! A total of 29 species seen at Upton. So with my 10 garden birds I had a total of 39 species to start my year list off. I am 1 up on last years start to 2009. Year list aside, it was a great day and some super birds seen. I just hope the weather warms up soon for them..and for us.lol!!


  1. Welcome aboard Pam,good to have you as a fellow Google blogger!
    A super start to your nature tales too with a stunning image of our blue moon......here's to many pleasurable hours of birding and blogging throughout 2010...... and beyond!


  2. Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for your welcome and kind comments ! I have a bit of catching up to do on my blog but will get there eventually!

    Yes, here's to many pleasurable hours birding, blogging 2010 and beyond!