Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A bracing walk before the snow arrived..... 07/01/2010

A bracing walk (well amble) along a bridleway on Sunday (3rd) was refreshing, it was good to be out of the warm centrally heated house and in to the cold but fresh air. I was wrapped up well and really didn't feel the cold too much, in the sunshine it felt pleasantly warm but out of it was another matter. The bridleway leads to a public footpath which in turn leads to Bunkers Hill Wood of which I walked around on the last day of 2009. A Robin was the first bird seen at the start of the walk, always nice to see and a bird that seemingly follows you on a walk, probably a different Robin but who knows. Blackbird and Magpie were the next species seen, Magpies were abundant on the walk as there are paddocks on both sides of the bridleway for almost the whole length of it. A Nuthatch was heard and then seen, it was high up the trunk of a tall tree on the frontage of a house, much too high for my camera to take a decent shot of and also it was too quick for me as it darted behind the trunk! So four nice birds and the walk hadn't started yet! A Kestrel (f) perched on a telegraph wire looking out for prey, it swooped once and then flew further away to perch again on a telegraph wire then off it flew into the distance! Further along the bridleway a Dunnock, Blue Tit, Long-tailed Tit and Crow were viewed. Five Redwing were found in one of the paddocks searching the hardened ground for insects! I clambered over low brambles and vegetation to get closer to take a photo. A big mistake as on the next stop of the walk I realised I had trod in doggie wotsit! Trust me to put my foot in it (as per usual.lol!)....well wellington...fur lined wellingtons in fact and very cosy they are too! I didn't even get a decent Redwing pic either! After a good scrape off of the offending doggie mess on me wellie it was on with the walk! A couple of Mistle Thrush flew through one of the paddocks and a lone Goldfinch was spotted perched high on a tree preening and enjoying the suns rays! A Treecreeper was the next bird seen and as with the Nuthatch it was a very busy little bird as it scoured the trunk for insects. The path along the bridleway was frozen solid in the main with just a few sections that where shielded by dense trees being quite muddy! Glad I had me wellies on! A Green Woodpecker was heard and seen twice, with a Buzzard, Woodpigeon, Chaffinch and Starling making up the remaining birds seen on the walk. The view from high in a field at the halfway stage of the walk was wonderful! The sun was beginning to set at this point of the walk, so today the wooded area known as the 'Fairy Glen' would have to wait until another day. On the return walk several smalliish flocks of mixed Corvids came in noisily to roost in the trees edging the paddocks, a small flock of Starlings were also seen coming in to roost.
It was an enjoyable walk and might be the last for at least a few days or longer as the cold, snowy and frosty weather has now set in and is set to remain for at least a week or more....I do hope the weather forecasters have this wrong! Garden birds will no doubt be the focus of attention in the days ahead.

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