Friday, 19 February 2010


A walk around the whole perimeter of the Fisheries this morning was peaceful and pleasant. The highlight on the walk was a Buzzard 'mewing' as it perched in a tree, I watched it as it made it's way to to the other end of the field flying from tree to tree. I did not have close up views for a photo but good enough views for me to enjoy the sight of it and of course to hear the Buzzard. I love to see Buzzards, they seem to command such regal presence. High in a tall tree were a flock of 18+ Starlings with 8 Fieldfares, I was later to see possibly the same Starling flock with 6+ Redwings. It was a cold morning so I did not stay in one spot for too long, best to keep walking and keep the blood flowing to keep warm. Blue Tit, Wren, Dunnock, Blackbird, Goldfinch, Carrion crow, Woodpigeon and Magpie were other species seen this morning. A Moorhen pottered in the vegetation down by the pools and a few Mallards were on a patch of water on a pool that was not frozen. A couple of hours soon pass by just strolling, I really enjoy this walk.


  1. Your fisheries sound and look a really nice place to stroll around Pam!
    I agree with you about Buzzards,they certainly have a presence don't they!

  2. I do enjoy the walk there, Ruth! It is a place where I feel safe walking around on my own and in the knowledge that I am welcome there. The owners always wave or say hello when I see them, it may be because I bought them a box of chocc ies at Christmas as a thank you for letting me!! They are really nice people there in all seriousness. Not often I have been there and not seen a Buzzard, the Clent Hills are not far away so this doesn't surprise me.

    Thanks for your interest in my blog and kind comments.

  3. I meant choccies not chocc ies, it sounds like I bought a box of ice!