Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ground and aerial attacks!...09/01/2010

Well this week has been interesting to say the least! The first significant snowfall in my area was on Tuesday, before that it was sharp frosts that froze the ground and the light snowfall that had fallen a few days previous. I think we have been luckier than some who have had the snow and freezing temperatures for a couple of weeks prior to this week. The birds in my garden have changed somewhat too. I now have Fieldfares that are terrorising the Blackbirds. All I can do is keep putting plenty of food out for the birds and hope that they all get their fair share at some point. I am surprised how territorial the Fieldfares are. When the Woodpigeons come in to feed then all is calm as the Fieldfares leave the Woodies alone, so then the smaller birds get a chance to feed. I have scattered the food in various areas in my garden in the hope that the Blackbirds then stand a chance of feeding. I do feel sorry for them but what more I can do I do not know, one can only do one's best. This weather is no joke...for us or the wildlife.

I have had a male Chaffinch in the garden this week, a rare one for my garden. It did not stay to feed but hopefully it will return or maybe it has when I was not aware of it. A Pied Wagtail on Sunday was a treat to see in the garden though I know it is just the freezing temperatures bringing it to the garden so that is a pity. Other bird species in my garden this week are/were Heron, Coal Tit, Robin (2), Blackcap (f), Wren, Blue Tit (2), Magpie (2), Woodpigeon (14), Crow, Blackbirds (9), Redwing, Feral Pigeon (2) and Fieldfare, six frequent the garden but a flock of 40+ has been counted in a tree neighbouring my garden.

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