Sunday, 28 February 2010

Return of the Sparrowhawk!.... 27/02/2010

I spotted the Sparrowhawk perched in the Willow tree in my garden! She looked quite content though with those eyes glaring she was still on the alert! She perched in the tree for around an hour and a half. A Blue Tit started alarm calling in the tree above her and then crossed over the garden to continue calling in the Silver sensible Blue Tit! Apart from the Blue Tit nothing else ventured in to the garden while she sat perched. I reckon she had eaten and was just resting until the food had digested. After she had flown three Feral Pigeons came in to feed, they were risking it but survived! This morning there were six of them on the aerial on the roof. I had 17 Woodpigeons in the garden this morning along with Blackbirds, Magpies and a couple of the Feral Pigeons, all was peaceful today and they all fed happily!


  1. That's a wonderful pic of the Sparrowhawk Pam,just look at those eyes,a stunning bird isn't she!
    Glad to hear that peace and harmony has been restored in your garden.......for now! lol.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Ruth! The eyes penetrate you don't they! I haven't seen her since but no doubt she will return! I haven't seen the male for a while now, no doubt he will soon return. A bit like the Blackcaps isn't it, leave the lil Lady to fend for herself in the cold weather and return when the warm!!