Saturday, 13 February 2010

She is back safe and sound!....13/02/2010

The female Blackcap I am referring to.
During the cold spell of early January when the Fieldfares descended on the garden she was chased off the apple tree that bears the apples and pears I spike on there. Well, she returned during the past two weeks and has enjoyed no doubt the peace and the fruit! I was so pleased to see that she had survived the freezing temperatures. She is such a delight to see. She arrived mid December (2009) with a male Blackcap as has happened in previous years, whether they are the same pair I do not know. The male visited a couple of times and then disappeared, this has been the norm in previous years. The male has returned once since the first visit with the female to my knowledge, one cannot view the garden all day long as much as I would like to, I wonder why this is and why they don't stay together? Perhaps he will return when they are ready to fly home for breeding!
I managed a photo of her yesterday when the sun shone for ten minutes!


  1. Great news that she is back safe and sound with you Pam........and getting some peace to eat her apples!
    That's a lovely picture you've taken of her too!
    Hopefully the male will return also now!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Ruth! I have been watching her today(she is in the garden daily now)flitting in the apple tree trying to avoid the!She pecks at the fatcake and apples, I have yet to see her eating any seed and yet have read that people have Blackcaps on birdtables? I do hope the male returns before they fly home for the Spring/summer. Wouldn't it be a treat to see them both fly off into the sunset one!

  3. Oddly enough the only time I've had Blackcaps in the garden was when they were both on the birdtable together!
    What a pair of old romantics we are eh! lol.

  4. That is odd, Ruth!I have seen them eating berries. I have a small Callicarpa shrub/tree in my garden and they are quite fond of the berries.
    I have never spotted them on the birdtables though!

    Old, old,! Well it was Valentines day last Sunday! A pity he didn't join her in the garden on that day, that would have been!