Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Snow again! Back to square one!....13/01/2010

Snow again overnight adding approximately another couple of inches of snow to the snow/ice still lying on gardens, pavements and side roads. It has continued to snow all day!

I am glad I took the decision yesterday (12th) to venture out and take food for the birds at two Churches local to me. My decision was twofold really as at the first Church that is within walking distance from my home I needed to remove flowers that had been placed at Christmas time. I drove around to the Church as the second Church I was to visit is not in close walking distance and I did not want to walk on the slushy, icy pavements either! On arriving at the Church all that could be seen apart from a pathway that had been cleared to the entrance of the church was virgin snow, it did look lovely compared to my garden where I had made several tracks in the snow when feeding the birds in my garden. I declined to retrieve the flowers today, I will wait until the snow thaws. After placing bird food in a few places, the food consisting of mixed seed, crumbled fatballs and suet pellets, I drove to the Church further away from my home, this Churchyard and grounds are adjacent to a Hospice and there is also a small wooded area behind the Churchyard. I have spent many an hour in 2009 just ambling and viewing and listening to the birds in these areas. The least I could do is to bring them food offerings during this cold spell of winter weather we are experiencing. So armed with my bucket of food I began my walk up the steep (ish) path that leads into the Churchyard. It was quiet of birds, a Woodpigeon was seen and a Wren heard, so at least there were some birds that would appreciate the food. I scattered food under a few very large Pine trees as I walked up the hill. The areas under the trees were clear of snow, such is the size of these very old trees. The only other areas suitable to leave food was on the gravestones, I cleared areas of snow from several and left decent amounts of food as I walked around. I didn't venture to the Hospice as I felt that perhaps the Hospice staff and visitors would hopefully leave food for the birds there and as the grounds are very large and open the birds would have sought sanctuary in a much less open space. The afternoon was a cold one with a brisk wind that chilled at times. I left for home hoping that the food would at least tide a few of the birds over for a day or two. I was sad to see the amount of snow that we had had overnight as the food in the open would be now be covered with a layer of fresh snow, then again I hope it would have been found after I had left and enjoyed by the birds there to fortify them a little. On my return home I enjoyed a warming mug of hot chocolate!

The snow has not stopped all day. The Fieldfares are still giving the Blackbirds grief and guarding the food I have placed around the garden, I have put the food out little and often as the snow is covering the food on the open ground feeding tables. The Fieldfares have been a treat to see in my garden but I must say this daily onslaught against the Blackbirds is wearing thin with me, I will be pleased when the thaw has begun and also when Spring arrives and peace reigns in my garden once more. A Redwing has today found the Cotoneaster that is below my lounge window, there are still numerous berries left so a feast for the Redwing.


  1. I've enjoyed re-reading your events of my birthday Pam,a nice peaceful feeling emanates from this post & I'm sure the Churchyard birds appreciated all your efforts too!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment, Ruth. No doubt the day being your birthday will be one for you to remember with all the snow we had that day.