Friday, 19 February 2010

A snowy garden...again!....19/02/2010

Snow again yesterday and overnight! This is turning into a long, drawn out, cold winter! I have seen enough snow and felt enough of the cold to last me a couple of winters and I am sure the wildlife would say the same if they could! The wildlife must be feeling the strain now after such almost continous cold days and nights. The feed I am getting through at home is amazing, for the birds that is not me, though a few pastry pies and puddings have been digested by me! Well one has to keep a few fat reserves up to beat the chill! The female Blackcap has been in the garden for the best part of the day, feeding on the apples and the fatballls. Starlings raided the birdtables early in the morning along with the Blackbirds. Woodpigeon numbers are down the last few days surp[risingly, though I have still been having 8-10 in for their brekkie! Two Robins in the garden this afternoon and they appeared friendly, so maybe the beginnings of a friendship there. More snow and cold temperatures are forecast for the weekend and coming week, so no let up yet, winter still has it's grip. I am hoping to walk around the Fisheries in the morning, so it will be on with the thermals etc and one important item I must not forget, a bag of birdseed to scatter around!


  1. Some nice garden images in this post Pam,the female Blackcap is a delight!
    We'll never have a better excuse for eating pies and pastries than this winter will we! lol!

  2. Thanks, Ruth.

    Comfort food has been the order of most days this winter! I just hope I can shift the excess for the arrival of spring!;>)