Friday, 12 February 2010

A walk around the Fisheries was a non starter!....09/02/2010

As I drove to the Fisheries during a snow shower I noticed that to the left of me were dark snow shower clouds and to the right blue sky and white clouds! It felt a bit surreal! On arrival at the Fisheries the showers had passed over fortunately. I soon realised that I had packed everything needed except for my wellies! Bother!!!
Undeterred I placed bird seed on a bird table that is alongside a hedgerow and also on the tops of a few fence posts, avoiding the fence posts to the paddock that had 5 curious horses in! A couple of the horses ventured to the fence to see what I was up to or rather to see if I had an apple or carrot more like. I then returned to my car and waited, and waited, and waited! Nothing, not a dickie bird or a Blackbird! A couple of Magpies and a few Crows were in one of the paddocks otherwise it was devoid of birdlife. I could however hear a Buzzard mewing but as I was sat in my car my vision was restricted so I didn't see it. After a while I decided to head for home, driving along the track I then saw a Buzzard being mobbed by Crows! Hooray, excitement! I pulled in to the side of the track and parked up, grabbed my bins and camera and watched as the Buzzard flew across a field and away from the Crows! It circled several times and I hoped it would come nearer but alas no! It flew towards some trees in the distance and I managed a shot of it as it flew down to perch! Happy with that sighting I headed for home to have a warming cup of tea, it was a bitterly cold day, no wonder there were not many birds about they had more sense then me and were sheltering from the cold!

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