Wednesday, 10 February 2010

WWT Brandon Marsh....24/01/2010.

A gloriously sunny start to the day which was to be spent at WWT Brandon Marsh! On arrival the Robins greeted us, three were spotted along the path from the visitor centre, a couple of Robins posed for pics with one Robin being enticed to feed from the hand of a youngster with the help of her mum! Also seen were two Kestrels hunting just beyond the centre.We were told that the pathway to the main hides were flooded, I had me furry lined wellies on but they are not knee length so these hides were to be a no-no today. So, a pleasant walk to the Wright Hide was the chosen path before lunch. The sun was shining brightly on the water making viewing rather uncomfortable with the glare. A Green-winged Teal was on one of the islands but hard to pick out in such light. Pochard, Gadwall, Mallard, Shoveler, Great Crested and Little Grebe, Swan, Tufted duck, Goldeneye, Grey Heron, Cormorant, Moorhen, Coot, Common Snipe and a Kingfisher were highlights in and around the pool. A single Golden Plover was seen flying with the Lapwings, lovely to see and to hear it calling. After a super roast lunch a walk through Horsetail Glade was just what was needed to burn a few calories!! Surprisingly quiet of birds, only Blue & Great Tits were heard and seen. On arriving at the Steetly hide we were told a Bittern was showing on the edge of a reed bed, well try as I might I could not pick it out! Then came the realisation that I was scanning the wrong section of the reeds, anyway the Bittern had by this time crept in to the depths of the reeds not to be seen again, well, while we there!! I was pleased to see another Birdforum member in the hide, if you are reading this Sandra it was good to meet you and your husband again and good to have a chat.
It was decided to return to the Wright Hide and see if we could get better views of the G W Teal as by now we had had a couple of showers of rain and the sun had vanished! Sure enough it was still on the island and looking splendid. It was too distant for my camera to get a decent photo, however it was good to see this bird pic or no pic! A Bittern suddenly came in to view as it flew over the pool to the reed beds, I didn't miss this! Another highlight today were the four Common Buzzards viewed from the path adjacent to the Golf course, mewing as they soared in the sky. All in all a good day was had at a reserve that I enjoy visiting immensely!

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