Monday, 1 March 2010

The first day of Martius!

The first day of March and what a wonderful day it has been. Wall to wall sunshine! Crocus flowers have opened and the Snowdrops are looking glorious in the sunshine, other bulbous plants showing signs of life are the daffodils and tulips! Buds are starting to form well on trees and shrubs with the promise of colourful blossoms to brighten our days!
My favourite poem reminds me of sunnier, warmer and colourful days ahead in my garden.

Once You've Loved A Garden
Patience Strong

Once you've loved a garden-it's hard to let it go.Once you've planted trees and flowers and shrubs and watched them grow-they send down roots into the heart becoming part of you-stealing through your mind when there are other things to do. And if through changes, failing health or disability-you have to give it up it clings around your memory-though you cast it from your thoughts, in dreams you'll see once more-the roses at the window and the daphne by the door-imagining you catch the scent of thyme and mignonette. Once you've loved a garden you can never quite forget.


  1. Ooooooh that gave me a lump in my throat Pam,a wonderful evocative poem and so true isn't it!
    I've been preparing compost for sowing seeds these last few days and it's been glorious with as you say (after a cloudy start here) wall to wall sunshine!
    It doesn't get much better does it!

  2. I am really pleased that you enjoyed my favourite poem, Ruth. I just love the sentiment of it!
    It has been a wonderful few days, sunshine makes all the difference to our well being. It will soon be time for your sowing..then you can sit back and watch the seedlings grow while enjoying a coffee sat in your garden!