Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Not a Nuthatch in sight!.... 19-22/03/2010

In my profile I mention a Nuthatch seen at Center Parcs fuelling an interest into birdwatching, well I returned at the weekend to Center Parcs, Nottingham! It has been at least eight years since my last visit, not a lot has changed there but the one bird I thought I would be guaranteed to see was a Nuthatch....however not one seen or heard the whole weekend! Plenty of Mallards, Egyptian and Canada Geese, Swans, Moorhens, Coots, Tufted Ducks, Woodpigeons, Carrion Crows, Magpies, Jackdaws, Chaffinches, Blue & Great Tits, Long-tailed Tits, Dunnocks, Robins and Blackbirds! Surprisingly only two Greenfinch were seen and heard over the weekend.

I was pleased to see a new addition, a Nature Centre! The centre had plenty of information on all wildlife at Sherwood Forest, they also run several nature activites, great for young and old alike! There is a good bird hide on the edge of the forest and the feeding station had feeders brimming with a variety of seeds also a table laden with fruit! Great Spotted Woodpecker and Jay were the star attraction on one of my visits there.
The wildlife at and around the villa was interesting. Daily visitors were Mallards (at least five), Moorhens, Egyptian Geese, Swans (yes, 2 Swans), Squirrels, Rabbits galore and a small rodent that looked like a Field Vole! It seemed that everywhere you looked while out walking there were Mallards and Rabbits in abundance!
I enjoyed early morning walks, I do mean early, 6.30am one morning, well it was the first day of Spring and surprisingly frosty after rain the previous day! All was quiet, the only sounds were the birds singing and the sound of Great Spotted Woodpeckers drumming echoing through the pine trees, also a Green Woodpecker yaffling in the distance. A Treecreeper, Goldcrest, Mistle and Song Thrush were seen on a couple of the walks.

It was a fun weekend spent in the great outdoors, that is when I wasn't in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise having more fun and a good splash around with a certain young man, my much loved Grandson!


  1. I enjoyed reading all about your weekend in the forest Pam,it sounds delightful though very odd about the lack of Nuthatches.......& with all those trees too!
    Your early morning walks sound heavenly and your pictures are super,especially the GSW!

  2. Thanks, Ruth! I am peased that you enjoyed the read.
    Very odd indeed with the lack of Nuthatches! I spoke to one of the Nature Centre staff who told me that they had not seen any either and that it had been a very funny Winter! I asked about Crossbills as with all the Pine trees I half expected, well hoped, to see one or two. None at the Parc but a flock were to be seen at a nearby forest. I suppose all the guests at the Parc put the Crossbills off.lol!!

    The early morning walks were a treat Ruth! The birds singing and the echoing of the song through the forest and no other sounds were a joy! It was heavenly!