Saturday, 6 March 2010

Songs to herald Spring!....6/02/2010

Joy of joys, no frost this morning and it almost felt mild outdoors.......almost! I was off to the Fisheries bright and early, well 8.30am, which is early for a Saturday morning! I enjoy this day of the week if I have nothing much else planned for the morning, it is my couple of hours of solitude, I can walk when I wish or stop and look and listen when I wish. As I neared the entrance to the Fisheries I spotted and heard a Yellowhammer singing for all it's might at the top of a small tree along the hedgerow! Sadly I could not stop for long as the road is winding and narrow. I drove down the track that has ploughed fields either side of it and leads to the Fisheries with the delightful sounds of Skylarks singing, I could not see them but certainly heard them! It was a lovely start to the day hearing the Yellowhammer and Skylarks a sign that Spring is really starting to take hold now. As I parked up it began to drizzle so I sat in my car for ten minutes hoping it would abate and it did! I placed seed on the top of a few paddock fence posts and set off for my walk. The usual Blue & Great Tits were flitting and calling and a bonus today was a Long-tailed Tit that flew to a small tree and I noticed that it had a tangled spiders web in it's beak! It flew into the brambles and emerged a couple of minutes later, nesting time has begun!!! A Buzzard took flight in the adjoining field, I didn't catch sight of it again until much later when it flew over the pools and beyond trees some distance away. Great Spotted Woodpeckers were drumming, I think there were two as the drumming did seem to be coming form different areas, well as far as I could hear with my fleecy hat covering my ears! A Green Woodpecker was also heard but not seen today. Other species seen this morning were Pied Wagtail, Greenfinch, Robin, Mistle thrush, Starling, Redwing (6), Carrion Crow, Magpie, Jackdaw, Woodpigeon, Canada Geese, Heron and B H Gull.
Exciting times ahead with the arrival of Spring!


  1. Exciting times indeed Pam,great to hear the Skylark and Yellowhammers isn't it,your Saturday solitude sounds wonderful no wonder you look forward to it!
    Glad to hear that it's not only me who has joined the silly hat club! lol.

  2. I do look forward to my Saturday solitude, Ruth!Unfortunately I had to give it a miss today as I am getting over a bug!!It was a lovely frosty and sunny start to the day too.Never mind, perhaps I will get a Wheatear or Ring Ouzel there soon to make up for!!

    Watcha mean 'silly hat', I have a lovely blue, fleecy, comfy and sensible!! Yes, you are right, silly hat club, I hate having to wear a hat!