Friday, 2 April 2010

A circular walk....28/03/2010

A short drive today to an area on the edge of a small local village for a circular walk taking in a bridleway which leads to paddocks which then lead to a private lake then on to two small pools and then about turn to a small wooded area, which leads back to the road and the bridleway! Phew!!!! I am out of breath just writing about!!

The sun was shining today but still cold and with the odd dark cloud threatening to rain on the parade! The bridleway was shall we say a little muddy in places and the only bird seen was a Robin singing his little head off in a tree! A walk alongside paddocks which are on both sides of the path brought little in the way of birds, Woodpigeons the odd Crow and a few Magpies. On the last walk along here there were numerous Pied Wagtails dodging the ponies in the paddocks, today not one to be seen. So, on to the path that leads to the lake and the pools! The Lake held Swans, Mallards, Coot, Moorhen and Canada Geese, I had been hoping for Grey Wagtail but none today. On to the pools and the only birds seen were a Swan and a resident mad hybrid/farmyard type Goose that gave out such a racket as we walked past it! This Goose did the same thing whilst on a walk there last year, it was at the time protecting a Mallard!!!! Four Common Buzzards were circling over the fields before flying off in different directions.

About turn to head for the path alongside the wood, at this point the rain came down, fortunately it was only a short sharp shower! A Treecreeper was spotted..great joy...a bird!!! It had seemed so quiet after such a long walk that to find a Treecreeper was like winning a prize in a Tombola..or something to that! Great views were had of the Treecreeper, when it wasn't scurrying at the back of the tree trunk! Then soon afterwards two Jays flew to the top of a tree, not great views of them but still nice to see what appeared to be a pair, baby jays in the weeks ahead possibly. Almost at the end of the walk now and a few goodies were soon to be seen. A charm of Goldfinch were spotted flying into some trees and whilst viewing them a Sparrowhawk appeared, flying from out of the trees in the wood. The Sparrowhawk then dive bombed with it's wings almost closed and headed for the charm of Goldfinch which took of pretty quickly! The Sparrowhawk missed it's prey this time and then a strange sight happened as the Goldfinch seemed to be mobbing the Sparrowhawk. I have never seen this behaviour before with such small birds against a much larger bird. The Sparrowhawk circled a couple of times and then flew off in to the distance.

A Chiffchaff was heard and then seen, I had heard a Chiffchaff the previous day so I was well pleased to have actually seen one today! Then it got better, a Goldcrest flitting amongst the pine trees! Better still were the flock of Lesser Redpoll as they made a few flights to and fro amongst the trees that were in a large garden! Long-tailed Tits put in a quick appearance along with Dunnock, Blue & Great Tits, Blackbird, Songthrush and Mistle Thrush, a Great Spotted Woodpecker was heard drumming and Nuthatch was heard only! This area proved to be the icing on the cake, or so I thought! Walking along the road to my car and passing arable fields, a scan of the fields yielded Yellowhammers in the hedgerows plus Starlings, Fieldfare and my first of the year Wheatear (male) in the stubble fields!

The next time I visit this area I will head for the fields and woods first as this proved to be a little haven for birds!


  1. This report just got better and better Pam,I was quite excited by the time I'd read it,you definitely must start at the end next time you walk this route! lol
    I've seen House Martins mobbing a Sparrowhawk but never in numbers I spose.
    I love your Treecreeper picture well done,they do usually disappear around the other side of the trunks don't they!
    Your blog is coming along nicely and it's always a pleasure to sit and read it my friend.

  2. I did start at the end of the walk on the next visit as you will see soon when I have added my post, Ruth. A wise decision!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, I am very pleased that you are enjoying the reads.