Monday, 19 April 2010

Moon, Star and Sunset!....16/04/2010

The waxing crescent moon looked a treat as the sky was darkening and the sunset was fading, also clearly visible was a star directly below the moon, I believe it to be Mercury but I am not 100% sure on that. Out came the camera and tripod, I do not find taking moon pics very easy and after numerous attempts I was fairly pleased with the results. The photo's of the star with the red centre and green outer colours is the star below the moon. The star with the green centre and red outer colours is a star that was to the left of the moon and probably thousands or more miles away from the moon, I believe it may be Venus. I am not hot on Astronomy as is quiet!!


  1. Wow!! awesome lunar images Pam,the crescent moon shots are should be well pleased with them!
    Mercury is known as the morning/evening planet and is the closest one to the sun while Venus is the brightest object in the sky.......very interesting captures of both....well done Pam,you have inspired me to have a go!

  2. Thanks for your very kind comments, Ruth! You must have a go, Ruth, use a tripod though! Interesting info on the planets, I will make a note, thanks!

    By the way, thanks for putting me right with me onomy's and ology'!! :-)