Friday, 2 April 2010

Wassell Grove Fisheries.... 27/03/2010

No Swallows (as hoped) to be seen on my way to the Fisheries this morning though 4 Skylarks seen and heard over the ploughed fields were a delight on what I thought would be a refreshing walk in the sunshine.....that is until I got out of my car, goodness me!! The wind that was blowing was such a cold one!! Brrrr!!!!!! I had left my gloves and fleece hat at home so a case of grin and bear it! However, once walking alongside the hedgerow I was sheltered from the cold wind and it actually felt quite pleasant. I began to think that the birds were laying low and sheltering from the wind as it was so quiet, with just the odd Blue & Great Tit flitting along the trees along with a Greenfinch that was calling 'zweeb, zweeb' continously, also Goldfinch, Wren and Robin were seen. As I neared the end of the shortened walk and about to head back as I wanted to survey the fields this morning, I spied a flock of c20 small birds heading for the top of one the Alders! Their buzzing rattle call was a good pointer to ID them as Redpoll (sp) and once I had managed to locate them amongst the high branches my suspicions were confirmed! I was well chuffed with this sighting, especially as they were my first of the year!

As I walked along the public footpath on the edge of one of the fields I saw large flocks of Carrion Crows and Woodpigeons alighting and then after a while descending once again into the distant fields. A Green Woodpecker was heard yaffling but not seen....again....I will catch sight of it one!! A Common Buzzard was hawking in the adjoining field and then flew beyond the distant hedgerow. I love to watch and hear the Buzzards so I was pleased to have had good views of the one seen today.

On my way home I decided to pull into a lay-by along one of the roads that has fields either side of it. I was so pleased that I did as I heard my first Chiffchaff of the year!! A lovely end to my 'Saturday Solitude' walk


  1. Another nice report of one of your Saturday walks Pam,I'm glad that you spotted a Redpoll flock and heard your first Chiffchaff despite the rather chilly weather that we're still having this'll warm up sometime......won't it! lol.

  2. It has warmed up since my visit, Ruth! At!! I am hoping to visit again tomorrow morning (10th) and hopefully a few Swallows will be around on this visit! Ring Ouzels ahve been sighted close by the fisheries..I am not holding my breath on these!!
    Thank you for your kind comment!

  3. Sorry about the spelling and lack of has been a long day!