Saturday, 29 May 2010

Garden update....29/05/2010

The Spring flowers have now faded and summer bedding plants are now in situ! Summertime is around the corner, better tell the weather! The birds are feeding like there is no tomorrow though I have only seen in my garden a single fledgling Dunnock and Blackbird, so maybe more fledglings will be arriving soon! The Starlings are daily in the garden eating every last morsel of the suet pellets that I put in the feeder, the pellets are expensive so they are being! The birds arriving on a daily basis are the usual species Blackbirds, Dunnocks, Blue & GreatTits, Starlings, Robin, Woodpigeons, Feral Pigeons and the occasional visit from a Coal Tit and Greenfinches. The Blue Tits have deserted the House Sparrow terrace nesting box sadly, I wonder why this happens?
The Wisteria that has draped around a third of my house is looking beautiful and the fragrance is delightful on a warm day/evening. The Lilac tree is in full flower and also has a divine fragrance. Woodpigeons will no doubt descend on the Lilac tree when the flowers fade, the Woodies eat the spent blossom!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Busy birds in my garden....13/05/2010

Starlings are eating all in their path at present and not fussy with waiting their turn at the feeders. The poor Dunnocks are getting knocked off the feeders as the Starlings descend on them, at least the Dunnocks ground feed afterwards and hoover the dropped seed up. Starling numbers have increased from 2-3 during Winter and now number 8-10 visiting my garden. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing their youngsters when they fledge, a noisy lot but fun to watch. Not much sign of any birds nesting in my garden. The Blue Tits appear to have deserted the nest they had begun in the Sparrow Terrace nest box. Blackbirds are feeding well but no sign of any youngsters yet and a couple of Carrion Crows are stuffing their beaks to full capacity with scones, sultanas and anything else I put down for ground feed, so they have young to feed no doubt. They look quite comical when they have filled their beaks, they look as though they have a mouthful of teeth! A pair of Jackdaws have been in the garden a few times carrying off food for their young, this is the only time I ever see them in my garden, as with the Crows they are very hesitant for such a big bird. Magpies are regulars, just two but no doubt they will have youngsters in tow soon. A male Bullfinch was on the feeders yesterday (12th), a pleasure to see as they rarely hang around for long. A Greenfinch pair have returned yet I hardly saw them through the coldest winter we had for yonks...strange that. A pair of Robins are I believe nesting in a neighbours garden, the cheek of them, eat my food and nest! I do believe that if I took the feeders down then I would see more nesting in my garden, I do wonder if it is because my garden is not often devoid of birds, that is unless the Sparrowhawks are about! I almost forgot, the 3-4 Feral Pigeons are still daily visitors. I had expected them to have found another food source while I was away on holiday as the scones etc were not put out daily, but not to be, they are the first to descend as soon as the food is on the! Oh well, they are birds and have to eat...all are welcome if they are hungry...even the! Swifts are back over the gardens this week, I counted 4 initially but last night (13th) I counted 9! They were flying fairly low enough for me to hear their screaming as they swooped over the gardens! Brill...Summer is almost here!