Thursday, 17 June 2010

My Birthday Indulgence!....17/06/2010

It is my Birthday today and I am going to indulge myself with posting a few of my favourite random photo's that I have taken in my garden, walks, holidays and trips.


  1. What a wonderful selection of shots you've posted for your special day Pam!
    They are all lovely,I especially like the Little Owl,the N facing acrobatic G.Tit,the Red Kite shot is awesome but my favourite is the Whitethroat with insect....a stunning capture!
    I hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as I've enjoyed another viewing of your favourite pictures!!

  2. I did enjoy my birthday, thank you, Ruth!

    I am pleased you enjoyed my 'Indulgence' post! Nice to have a post occasionally that is a personal one and also (hopefully) enjoyable to anyone reading and/or viewing the photo's.