Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Red-necked Phalarope....20/06/2010

I hadn't planned on doing any more birdwatching/walking today....that is until I read that a Red-necked Phalarope had been reported at the Flashes, Upton Warren! Well what does one do...go for it! A chance not to be missed as it would no doubt not be staying for a holiday! I checked my records and it was the 21st June that one (if not the same female?)had arrived at the Flashes last year! The super little wader was a real treat to see, not close views but much better than last year's views. I managed a few record photo's and have added a couple of the best so you can imagine what the rest were!! The photo of the Phalarope with the B H Gull gives an idea of the size of this pretty little wader!
Other highlights were Green Sandpiper, LRP's and chicks, Avocets and big chicks, Curlew and Oystercatcher. A Beautiful demoiselle and Broad-bodied Chaser were seen walking back along the boardwalk!


  1. What an amazing little bird Pam,she's certainly good at timekeeping isn't she!
    Great to see your pics too as it's a bird I've still yet to see.......good to study the size comparisson with the BH Gull....they are smaller than I imagined.

  2. It is an amazing and busy little bird, Ruth! She hardly stayed put for more than a minute. The need to refuel no doubt before he went on her way.

  3. I meant she by the!!