Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rutland Water Nature reserve....30/05/2010

A short post on Rutland Water Nature Reserve visited on Sunday (30th may) in the hope of seeing an Osprey or two! The first Osprey viewed was flying and hovering over a lagoon whilst we were in a hide! This Osprey may have been one of a pair that is breeding on private land, it was a wonderful sight to see. The Single Osprey in my photo's attached is the Osprey I have just mentioned, so it has the honour of being my Lifer.lol!
The nesting pair on the Manton Bay Lagoon were a real treat to see. The male perched on a tree close to the nest which had the female sitting on the eggs. He later flew to another lagoon and then came back clutching a fish and perched back in the tree for his fish tea! What a sight to see, lovely when it is for real and not on the TV.lol!! the female left the nest for a short while, had a fly around and returned to the nest. I have since read that a chick hatched on each of the following 3 days! As of the 9th June I have read that the three chicks are thriving despite heavy rain.! Brill!!
A Ruddy Shelduck was pleasing to see, other highlights were Lapwings, Greylags, Shoveler, Gadwall and Great Crested Grebes!

It was a very windy day which was a pity as the Woodland birds kept their heads down and so did the Butterflies in exposed meadows. However in the more sheltered meadows Orange tip, Small Copper and Speckled Wood butterflies were seen. A new one for me was a Chimney Sweeper Moth. I have had another moth ID'd as a Small Yellow Underwing Panemeria tenebrata another new moth! I also found an insect which has been ID'd as being Cantharis,Cantharidae, a Soldier beetle. The meadows and hedgerows were looking splendid with Buttercups, Red Clover, Yellow Rattle, Ragged Robin, Pignut and Selfheal putting on a delightful show in the sunshine! The Buttercups that filled the meadows were particularly striking in the bright sunshine, recalling to mind the song 'Fields of Gold'! Damselflies were also seen in the sheltered areas of the reserve with Azure and Large red being the species seen.
Rutland Water Nature Reserve is a large reserve and a day is really not long enough time to visit all of it's 28 hides, especially when having to travel a distance to get there. However the hides are fairly close together over the main Lagoons and reservoir so good views are had from most hides of a good stretch of the waters.
All in all a great day at a great Reserve. A Winter visit will be a must!


  1. Great to read of your day at Rutland Water Pam,what a wonderful place for birds......it's already on our calendar for another place to visit!
    Ospreys are majestic aren't they and you've captured this in your wonderful images........I love the scenic grandeur in the background of the nesting site.......it seems somehow appropriate for such a regal bird!
    A lovely Whitethraot pic too as well as the Moth,Beetle and Damselflies.....a wonderful read,thanks!

  2. I am sure you would enjoy a visit there, Ruth! A couple of days would be ideal to take in all the hides and the two centres!
    My first Ospreys and as you say in a grandeur setting befitting such a regal bird! I have just checked the diary on the 3 Osprey chicks and as of the 14th June they are thriving! great news!

    Thanks for your kind comments, always appreciated!