Monday, 26 July 2010

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve....24/07/2010

On arriving just before noon at Brandon Marsh my tummy was telling me it was time for lunch! An Omellette with salad and a bowl of chips at the cafe was just what the Dr! Whilst waiting for the meal to arrive it was most pleasant sitting and watching the birds on and around the feeding station which is alongside the cafe. New feeders have been added since my last visit and judging by the many birds visiting them most welcome they are too! Good numbers of Blue & Great Tits were the predominent species on the feeders, also putting in an appearance were a pair of Bullfinch and a Great Spotted Woodpecker!

My main objectives today were to see butterflies and dragonflies as last year I had seen a record (for me) 12 species in one day on the 2nd August at Brandon Marsh, today I was not so lucky. I think the dullness of the day and slight breeze was a factor keeping both species low even though it was a warm day. Comma were seen feeding on the vegetation in front of the East Marsh Hide and Large and Small White seen in several areas. Meadow Brown were around in small numbers and a Burnet Moth did a quick fly past so I am not sure whether it was a Five or Six spot. A Brown Hawker was spotted while walking along the path to Swallow Pool and I believe they were Black-tailed Skimmers hunting around the Newlands Reedbeds. I have yet to see a Painted Lady this summer, strange after last years invasion. In fact I have not seen butterflies in great numbers on any of my local and not so local walks. I am hoping a return visit in the near future to Brandon (on a sunny day if we get one) will be more productive.

Highlight bird species were the Little Egret, Black-tailed Godwit, Green and Common Sandpiper, Hobby, Whitethroat, Pied Wagtail ( I don't see many, I know I must get a, Bullfinch, Great Spotted and Green Woodpecker, last but certainly not least a Kingfisher.

The Kingfisher was a delight to see as it perched on one of the perching poles for quite a long while giving the photographers in the Carlton Hide plenty of time for getting some great shots. I took several photo's but as the Kingfisher was a long way off for my camera they are not brill photo's but I am pleased with them and really chuffed to have had such great views of this super little bird, the same applies with distance and record shots of the Black-tailed Godwit and Hobby, record shots of super birds! A couple that were sat next to me in the hide had previously asked me in the East Marsh Hide if Kingfishers were to be seen at Brandon, it was their first visit to the reserve. I directed them to the Carlton hide and told them if they were patient they maybe lucky...well they were patient and lucky today! The gentleman was especially pleased as he told me he had only had flashes of a Kingfisher in the past and this was the first time he had seen one perched. I was really pleased for them, great to see their delight at viewing a special little bird. On seeing the same couple later in the afternoon the gentleman told me he had taken 50 photo's of the Kingfisher and if at least two photo's were half decent one's then he would be thrilled. It is uplifting when you speak to people who have so enjoyed there first 'proper' views of a bird species.

Ain't nature lovely?


  1. Nature is so many things,it can heal body and soul as well as bringing friends together to enjoy all she has to offer from the simplest,tiniest flower and to the awesome strength of a bird of prey!
    Your latest post says just that Pam,I hope the gentleman is thrilled with his Kingfisher picture.....I'm sure he will be if yours is anything to go by!

  2. Nicely put,thanks Ruth! I cannot expand on that as your words say it all!