Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fisheries update....26/06/2010

All is quiet at the Fisheries albeit for the Chiffchaff and what I believe was a Reed Warbler singing their merry heads off. The Foxgloves along one of the paths looked stunning in the early morning sunshine, such a delightful and elegant flower. Speckled Wood were the only butterfly that landed for any length of time and the Chimney Sweeper moths were flitting around in the vegetation. A Great Spotted Woodpecker flew over, a couple of juvenile Long-tailed Tits were sighted and the usual Blue & Great Tits were seen and heard. I am not sure whether the insect in one of the photo's is a fly or a beetle, I will get an Id for it at some point.


  1. The Foxglove picture is a really nice image Pam,did you get an id on the unusual insect?

  2. I am working on the ID, Ruth!;.) I will update as and when I get one.