Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hoverflies and Bees in my garden.

A Recipe for Summer

What is summer made of?
Of opening buds and flowers;
Of sunshine and of shadow,
And gracious little showers,
Of birds that in the tree-tops
Sing sweetly all the day;
Of buttercups and daisies,
And breath of new-mown hay.

Of butterflies that hover
O'er every fragrant rose;
Of bees that gather honey
Where the honeysuckle grows.
Of brooks that murmur softly,
And thro' the meadows glide:
Of shadows shifting gently
Adown the mountain-side.

Of rainbows after showers,
Of starlight nights so still;
Of moonbeams shimmering softly
O'er every brook and rill.
Of mornings dawning sweetly
O'er dew-wet grass and flowers,
Oh! summer time is only
A life of golden hours!

by: Mary Dow Brine (1816-1913)


  1. What a super poem Pam,a lovely description of Summer and beautifully illustrated by your Bee and Hoverfly pictures.....a perfect combination!

  2. I am pleased you enjoyed the read and my photo's, Ruth, thank you! A quiet time in the garden so I thought I would snap a few of the smaller flying creatures in my garden.