Friday, 16 July 2010

Hurcott Pools and Nature Reserve....11/07/2010

Hurcott Pools and Woods was the first port of call today (11th) in search of Six-spot Burnets and Marbled White butterflies. Well the six-spots didn't take much seeking as they were out in numbers today. My daughter had been to Hurcott the previous day and was surprised how many more there were today. Lovely to see them flying and feeding on the Ragwort and Thistles, they came so close at times that I thought they were going to rest on my!! Marbled Whites were also easily seen, at least four or maybe five individuals were seen, with a couple looking a little worn. These were a first for me and a delight to see! Other butterflies seen were Comma, Ringlet, Small Skipper, Large white, Red Admiral, Common Blue, Tortoiseshell and Gatekeeper. On and around the bridge were seen Azure and Blue-tailed Damselfly and a Beautiful Demoiselle. Birds were few and far between but the highlight was a small flock of Linnets and two Kestrels that had a tussle in the air, no doubt a territorial tussle! A new wildflower for me today in White Byrony found growing along a barbed wire fence in the hedgerow.


  1. Nice to see your beautiful butterfly images Pam,I've never seen a Marbled White.......they don't venture this far North according to my book.
    Those Burnets must have been quite a colourful sight,nice to read of your new wild flower too.......amazing what's "out there" isn't it!

  2. I am pleased you enjoyed the photo's, Ruth! Thanks for the kind comments.
    No doubt the Marbled White will venture further North as a lot of wildlife seems to be doing these last few years. We won't mention Climate Change...oops...I just!
    I was pleased to have found the White Byrony, luckily it was not covered by vegetation or else i may have missed it. This time of year with the lack of birds to be seen it is good to have a mooch in the hedgerows!