Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sling pool and a walk....17/07/2010

A sunny Saturday morning called for a local walk and where better than Sling Pool in the hope of seeing a few Butterflies and Dragonflies! Well the Butterflies were out and about in the warm early sunshine but not the Dragonflies, not warm enough yet perhaps! Ringlet, Meadow Brown and Comma butterflies flitted in the hedgerows that were bathed in sunshine! A leisurely walk was taken down the lane from Sling Pool with the intention of walking up the public footpath alongside Calcot Hill which forms part of the Clent Hills. Clent Hills

It was a steep climb from the start of the public footpath, fortunately a Nuthatch was spotted which gave time for a breather in the steep ascent!!! Mistle Thrush, Song Thrush and Jay were also seen in the small wooded area adjacent to the path. A Green Woodpecker flew to a telegraph pole at a distance, on viewing my record photo's later in the day it appeared to be a spotty juvenile, it was seen several times during the walk/linger! I say linger because at the top of the hill the views were splendid so time was taken (a lot of time as it turned out) to see what flew in and over the area. A flock of c100-150 Gulls could be seen in the distance, they were in an area that I know to be a local landfill site. A Buzzard was heard mewing and Swallows, Swifts and House Martins were sighted regularly! Goldfinch, a single Linnet, Blackbird, Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Treecreeper were other bird species seen this morning! I was thrilled to see the Treecreeper as it had been a long time since my last sighting of one. The sky was turning noticeably grey and it was not long before the heavens opened, fortunately there was a dense clump of trees to shelter under. After the showers it was time for the now slippery descent, I am pleased to say I did not slip on my!!

Back at Sling Pool I had hoped to now see a few of the aforementioned butterfly and dragonflies as the sun was shining once again. Comma and Ringlet butterflies obliged by resting on the Himalayan balsam but no Odonata today. The Hogweed was alive with various flies and Soldier beetles were out in force on the vegetation. Great views were had of a Buzzard as it circled several times over the pool/field areas! I feel that this area as a whole will possibly throw up some nice bird species in the Autumn/Winter seasons.

After a three and a half hour walk/stroll I felt it was time to head for home for a much

needed.......................................................cup of!!


  1. Glad you managed the slippery descent without incident Pam,it seems you can't go anywhere this "summer" without waterproofs doesn't it!
    Super pictures,the view is amazing,certainly a worthy climb by the looks of it!
    The juv Green Woodpecker is a cutey!

  2. I haven't seen many Green Woodpeckers this year so it was great to have several sightings! One day I may do the entire walk, I say!! I would say Autumn would be a good time to do it!