Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sling Pool, Clent Hills....25/06/2010

This was the first visit to Sling Pool and what a delightful area it turned out to be. Sling Pool is a remnant of the industrial history of the Clent Hills and was once connected to a mill house involved in scythe production. I have to say that the birds kept their heads down this evening but not their singing, Blackbird and Song Thrush in particular were singing heartily away and Great & Blue Tits were also heard along the relatively short walk. A Great Spotted Woodpecker flew across the reed beds and a couple of Woodpigeon were also seen. The wildflowers were looking particularly attractive though the butterflies had by now gone to rest for the evening along with the dragonflies as none were to be seen. A return visit on a sunny day will I am sure reap rewards with both species!


  1. Such pretty pictures from your visit to sling Pool Pam,I'm sure it'll be more productive place to visit at a different time of year.......tis pretty quiet everywhere at the moment isn't it.

  2. Thanks, Ruth!

    It is quiet everywhere, Ruth! I am hoping to see a few Butterflies and Dragonflies over the weekend, just need the winds to die down now!