Friday, 16 July 2010

Uffmoor Wood....11/07/2010

After luncheon (ooh, ain't I!!) it was off to Uffmoor Wood, a Woodland Trust wood. It is only a hop, skip and a jump away by car. The target here was to be a White Admiral butterfly. The wood has several pathways which veer off the central path, you cannot really get lost in this wood as each path leads to the edges of the wood and you just follow the outer path and eventually return to the small car park. The wood is surrounded by pasture land. As soon as we had reached the outskirts of the wood we found our target, a super White Admiral, another first for me! It was gently flying amongst the shaded branches of trees and sometimes landing on the vegetation. At least three were spotted as the afternoon wore on. Other butterfly species seen were Gatekeeper, Comma, Red Admiral, Ringlet, Large White and Small Skipper. I also found Cardinal Beetle, Longhorn Beetle, Broad-bodied Chaser, Brown Hawker, Common Spotted Orchid (plenty of these Orchids), Common Vetch, Ragged Robin, Marsh Ragwort (99% sure), Tadpoles, Goldfinch, Chiffchaff, Buzzard, Blackbird, Blue Tit and Bullfinch (heard)! A super afternoon spent in glorious sunshine in a splendid wood!


  1. Your Woodland Trust wood sounds (& looks like a smashing place Pam......especially as you can't get lost in it! You saw some super species to and have marvellous pictures to accompany them!
    I especially like the Longhorn Beetle and the Chaser tho my fave has to be the White Admiral,I'd be well chuffed to get a glipmse of this beauty!

  2. Thanks for your always welcomme comments, Ruth!

    I was well chuffed with the White Admiral! The link attached is interesting. Their flight pattern is distinctly different to the 'normal' butterflies we see!

  3. Hope the link works?

    My spelling is atrocious lately...ignore the extra 'm' in welcome!!

  4. No it didn't bit I got there in the end! lol
    Some very interesting and unknown to me facts in it,thanks Pam!