Thursday, 5 August 2010

Moths.... July 2010

I have really enjoyed seeing the variety of species of moths in my garden of an evening, some have also stayed the night in my front porch giving me the chance to photograph them in daylight which is much easier. I find it quite challenging photographing moths that have landed on windows, flowers, frames etc at night. I take many photo's of the moths I find and it is pot luck whether I get a half decent image of them or!! My neighbours must wonder what an earth I am doing if they notice my camera flash going off late at!


  1. A fascinating collection of moth images Pam,I've not seen any of these!
    The Thorn is an especially good picture!

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, Ruth! my apologies for the lateness of my reply to you. My excuse.....trying to ID a few more moths that I have!!

    The Early Thorn was a special looking moth and it posed for me which makes it even more of a!! I particularly like the 20-Plume moth, such a tiny wingspan of 14-16mm and yet so intricately patterned for such a tiny creature.