Monday, 6 September 2010

Large White Butterfly...pupa x 2. Update!

Well not long to have waited for their emergence after all! On returning home yesterday afternoon (5th) from Sainsburys and the Range..well it was a miserable windy day and not one for birding..the Large White Butterfly (pupa 2) was spotted beside the empty Chrysalis! Pupa 1 had already emerged and flown the!!!
The Butterfly looked to be resting whilst drying out but this morning when I saw it was still in situ and being buffeted by the strong winds I decided to put it in an empty plant pot holder and take it indoors for some warmth. After about 20 minutes it started to flit about in the pot so I took it outside and set it free. It was so good to see the Butterfly so close! The white wings and black tips on the forewings and the pale greenish underwings looked striking colours being so fresh, a treat to see.

So our commonly called 'cabbage Whites' have two new members and what a treat they have been to watch develop into beautiful butterflies!


  1. An interesting set of pics Pam,what a pity you missed the emergence,like you I thought they were there for the winter........well done on rescuing it from those dreadful winds though and helping to add another number to the Cabbage White family!

  2. Thanks for your reply, Ruth! My apologies for the lateness in my reply, I have been rather busy of late.
    I am glad that they emerged when they did as it would have been a long wait. I was hesitant to capture the butterfly but pleased that I did in the end. It has been an interesting year with Larvae!