Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Large White Butterfly...pupa x 2.

I am following the progress of 2 Large White butterfly pupae which it would appear are going to over-winter as a chrysalis. The first one I found (pupa 1)was already in the chrysalis stage and the second (pupa 2) changed from a caterpillar and developed into a pupa in a day. I spotted it at 6.54am (yes I am up and out and about that early)and when I checked it in the afternoon at 2.48pm it had changed!! How quick is that!! They are both on my garage, pupa 1 is tucked under the fascia and pupa 2 is tucked under the brickwork above a window. I shall have to remember to tell my window cleaner to leave this window, he will think I am nutty when I tell him why!


  1. A fascinating project for you (and me,lol!) to follow Pam! And how handy for you to have them conveniently situated as they are!
    I didn't realise that they changed into pupa quite so quickly either........I shall certainly be following their progress with interest!
    Don't forget to tell the window cleaner now!!! lol.

  2. I won't forget, Ruth! They are due next Monday!.lol!