Sunday, 5 September 2010

Titterstone Clee Hill, Shropshire....28/08/2010

My first visit to Titterstone Clee Hill in search of a reported Wryneck! Well not so much a search as there were already plenty of Birders in situ on arrival and we were told that the bird had been spooked so everyone was scanning the hillside! After a while it was picked up on and what a super little bird the Wryneck is, my first Wryneck and a little beauty! It later took flight and was found again in amongst vegetation, showing well at times feeding and then retreating into the vegetation again. Other birds seen were Kestrel ( of which two had a tussle on the ground, pic added), Meadpw Pipit, Linnet, Stonechat, Wheatear, Jackdaw and Carrion Crow. A super area which will be visited again in the future.
The Wryneck photo's are very, very record shots but I was well pleased to have sighted such a great little bird! The Wryneck is in the centre of the photo showing the shrub area, just in case anyone misses!!!


  1. Great to read about your first visit to Clee Hill Pam it certainly does look to be a wonderful area for birds!
    Congrats on seeing your first ever Wryneck a worthy trip for such a super little bird,brilliant!

  2. Thanks once again for your kind comment, Ruth! They are very much appreciated.
    I was really pleased to see the Wryneck, nice to get something a bit different once in a while.

    Clee Hill has great history attached to it. I can well understand why it is mentioned in the link of the summit being bleak, especially in the winter!
    "The summit of Titterstone Clee is bleak, treeless and shaped by decades of quarrying. Many of the structures still remain, and lend to the ghostly atmosphere of the hill top, especially during the prolonged winter fogs that descend over the hills".
    There was an eerie feeling around the old 'water storage' buildings where the Wheatears were seen, a ghostly atmosphere is not far from the!!
    Nevertheless I shall return on a hopefully clear day and take in the panoramic views and pick up on a few nice birds at the same time (fingers crossed).lol!!

  3. Yes I'd seen the bleak snow covered pic in your link you definitely must pay another visit to make the most of those panoramic views!

  4. Watch this space for updates in the months to come, Ruth! I will dig me thermals out of my!!