Tuesday, 19 October 2010

"The Woodland"....Sophie Brown.

The Woodland

A precious place,
Rare as a gem
Fruit of nature's compassion
Growing free,
High, dense and green -
Plant varieties mingle,
The seen and the unseen.

The towering chestnut,
The humble elder,
Protect the ground
For nature's tenure
Colonising bare soil,
Uncompromised by
Tarmac, fence or wall.

Water meets earth,
Leaves pattern the sky
May blossoms freely
Sprout on stark
Branch and bough;
Scents, sounds and textures
The woods bestow.

Even in a parched spring
The ghost of the stream lives on.
Plants wait for fresh rainfall
Dew and water surge. Season
After season, in leaf and stem:
Sap falls and rises, plants
Wither and grow again

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Update: Upton Warren 10/10/2010...Fisheries 16/10/2010

The Pectoral Sandpiper very kindly waited at the Flashes for me to return from my holiday! What a beautiful little wader! I was so pleased that it hung around for so long for me to see it, I had my doubts when I could see it reported the day before I went away.

I had a short linger at the Fisheries this afternoon, blow me it was cold!!! A few Gulls flying high, too high for me to ID them. Not that I am any good at Gull ID's mind! Magpies and Crows in the paddocks, a G S Woodpecker flew through and I heard a Buzzard, other than these species it was very quiet! Dark clouds were rolling over and rain was clearly visible dropping from them in the distance so I thought it time to make my way home. A Jay was mooching along a hedgerow as I drove down a lane towards home! I managed to get my washing in and garage my car before a quick shower of rain! A welcome cuppa soon warmed me up!