Saturday, 20 November 2010

Algarve Hol!!....25th Sept- 9th October 2010

I am finally getting around to posting about my Algarve holiday! Such a busy life I!!
The first bird I photographed after unpacking and resting on arrival, was this juvenile Yellow-legged Gull at Lagoa dos Salgados (Pera Marsh), it did not flinch as the car pulled up alongside it on the parking area by the lagoon. When it eventually arose I could see why it was so confiding, it's right wing hung down and was almost scraping the sand. It stayed not far away the whole time I was there. The next day at Pera Marsh there were a group of people at the shore of the lagoon and as luck had it they were from RIAS, Center for Rehabilitation and Research Wildlife. They had just released several Duck species that they had recuperated. I told them of the Gull and surprisingly the Gull appeared out of the ploughed furrows surrounding the lagoon, as it could not fly it was never going to be far away I suppose. They managed to circle the bird and capture it. They are e-mailing me of the Gulls progress. The wing was broken, they immobolised the wing to allow the fracture to heal properly and after a couple of weeks they would begin a physiotherapy programme. The last e-mail from RIAS was on the 11th Nov and they informed me that the Gull was now in the artificial lake for some flight training and they hope to release the Gull very soon. I am so pleased that they were able to recuperate the Gull. Strange how events happen, seeing and talking to the very friendly people from RIAS on that Sunday at Pera Marsh was a stroke of luck for the Gull!

I will update as and when I hear more news on the Yellow-legged Gull, which RIAS inform me is a female.


  1. Indeed it was a stroke of luck that the members of RIAS were available Pam,well done on your part of the rescuing of the Gull too! Glad to hear that she is progressing well and to be released soon! I'll await your next report with interest......nice that you have such a super photograph of her too!

  2. One lucky Gull Ruth! Right place at the right time comes to mind!