Sunday, 28 November 2010


Alvor Estuary is always a delight to visit. First stop is a visit to the Field study Centre ( A Rocha, Cruzinha. Open to visitors Thursday mornings 9.30-12.30) to watch the bird ringing and also a welcome addition is to see the moths that are now trapped there. There is always a friendly welcome from the Ranger and his staff. After a coffee and a chat at A Rocha and saying goodbyes it was time to take the short drive down to the Estuary carpark. Normally a walk is taken along the sea wall to view the estuary and then continuing the walk along the embankments which circle brackish lagoons, and old saltpans but today was a no-go day for me. I had been bitten several times the previous couple of days on my legs and arms (despite plenty of repellent). my lower right leg was starting to become swollen making walking uncomfortable in the heat. In a nutshell the bites had become infected (the 3rd time this has happened to me in Portugal) and the following day I had to see a Dr who prescribed (at a great cost) Antibiotics! I will make sure I take a supply of AB's on my next holiday, I forgot to take them on this holiday, lesson learned!!! So walking was severely curtailed on this holiday and sunbathing!!! Sadly not much was seen from the carpark at the estuary all but the locals gathering cockles! Highlight birds at 'A Rocha' were Reed Warbler, Sardinian Warbler and Blackcap (m+f). Highlight birds at the estuary and surrounding area were Spotted Redshank, Kentish Plover, Black-winged Stilt, Godwit (distant), Greater Flamingos, Stonechat, Common Waxbill, Azure-winged Magpie, Hoopoe, Spotless Starlings, Kestrel and Rook.


  1. Your visit to the Field Study Centre sounds really interesting Pam,those warbler pics are a delight as is your wonderful for cheshire next Spring you say?? lol

    Shame that your bites rather curtailed your holiday walks but you still saw some stunners on the estuary! A good idea to take your own AB's next time!!!!

  2. I hope you do get one in Cheshire next Spring Ruth! Funnily enough that was the only Hoopoe seen during the two weeks. I remember times when they were abundant. I can usually guarantee seeing one at Alvor though fortunately.

    I have taken AB's away with me before as I seem prone to bites becoming infected the last few years, maybe it is an age!!! I sat on the balcony at the hotel with my leg swathed in wet bidet towels to try and reduce the swelling, I didn't need the towels as I wash my feet in the shower! ;.) Not much fun having to wear long trousers when out in the sun throughout the remainder of the holiday though!