Thursday, 11 November 2010

Fisheries, Wassell Grove....06/11/2010

A sunny Saturday morning, perfect for an amble around the Fisheries! Not long after arriving I saw 4 large flocks of Woodpigeons flying high overhead, one flock consisted of c100. Redwings were the highlight for me today as they fed on the berries, such a smart looking little bird! Other highlights were a flock of LTT's, Chaffinch, Raven x2 and Blackcap (f), with Green Woodpecker, Wren and Buzzard heard only.
A refreshing start to what turned out to be a good weather weekend for a change.


  1. Nice to see your Redwing image Pam they are beautiful to see and very clever at disguising themselves amongst the berries aren't they!

  2. They are a beautiful bird I agree Ruth! So majestic looking when they are perched! I never tire of viewing them...when the berries aren't in the way of!!