Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Silves and the Odelouca Valley...03/10/2010

A trip to Silves is always pleasurable the only disappointment today was that the best cafe for Chicken piri-piri for lunch was today closed!!

Silves is the former Moorish capital of the Algarve. A walk along the River Arade is one of the main features of the town along with the Castle and Cathedral. Today there was in all honesty 'not much about', it was an overcast day so maybe the birds were keeping their heads down. Not so the White Storks though as the 'bill-clattering' of a Stork on it's nest echoed around the small town as it's mate joined it on the nest that was on one of the buildings in the town. Large flocks of White Storks can be seen around the area of Silves at this time of year as they prepare to migrate, an impressive sight to see! Pied and Grey Wagtail, Fan-tailed Warbler, Common Waxbill, House Martin, Sanderling, Black-headed Gulls , Grey Heron and House Sparrows were the species seen on this short visit. The House Sparrows are numerous around the town and in the trees along the embankment. A resident puts rice out daily on a wall for the House Sparrows, I have yet to visit Silves and not see the Sparrows enjoying the rice, a nice touch.

The Odelouca Valley which is a short ride away from Silves was also quiet today with Azure-winged Magpies, Kingfisher and Sanderling being the only birds seen, though again it was a short visit today.


  1. Lovely to read of your visit to Silves Pam,it sounds like a really nice place!
    I agree a nice touch re the House Sparrows........I must try mine on rice
    Super pics as usual,I especially like the pair of Storks on their nest,we are awaiting a visit from a Stork here soon!lol.

  2. It is a nice place Ruth and normally a very productive area. I love to see and hear the Storks and Silves never fails for sightings of them.
    Did you see on the news this morning of a White Stork in Poland...some people fed it and tried to capture it to no avail..capture it that is.lol!!
    Oooh...exciting that you are awaiting a visit from a Stork....thought you were well past it though.lol!!!;.)

  3. Wierdly a White Stork was reported here in Cheshire yesterday!
    Our Stork is due for my daughter-in-law on Monday!

  4. That is weird Ruth!

    An exciting time for you all especially for your Daughter-in-law and Son! Hope all goes well.