Thursday, 23 December 2010

Full circle!

Strange really that what may well be the last post on my 2010 blog (unless I get a Waxwing sighting) is about a Fieldfare that has taken over the apple tree in my garden and is seeing off the Blackbirds that dare to go near the spiked apples on the tree in a very threatening manner! I posted similiar at the start of this blog. Fieldfares are such striking looking birds and I am pleased to see one (numbers will more than likely build up) in my garden but their territorialism is much, much worse than Robins! It is sad to see the Blackbirds that are never far away from the garden being chased out of their territory so to speak. All I can do is to continue supplying the food, the Blackbirds can at least eat the ground food in peace if not the staked!! A Pied Wagtail put in an appearance today albeit a short visit, also a male Blackcap which was also sent packing by the Fieldfare. Redwings were seen regularly flying to and fro from my neighbours garden who still have berries left on their shrubs!
I have yet to see a Waxwing this Winter and not for the want of trying. I shall try again tomorrow and if I fail then I will have to wait until the New Year to try again as I am off on my hols after Christmas weekend, no doubt they will still be around somewhere in the West Midlands.
So unless I see a Waxwing tomorrow all that remains now is to wish anyone who reads this blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New year 2011, especially so to Ruth who has steadfastly read and kindly commented throughout the year. Many thanks to you Ruth. I am pleased that I started this blog as I now have reminders of the past year that I can look back on through the following winter months.


  1. Nice to see your winter Thrush pics Pam,this winter so far I've not had Fieldfare in the garden,plenty of tothers tho!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last 12 months and hope that you'll continue to write more of your nature notes in 2011!
    Have a smashing xmas and a brilliant warm holiday........and I hope you have to publish another post cos of a Waxwing sighting today!

  2. Another post in progress!!

    I am sure you won't have to wait long for a Fieldfare visit with the berry crops rapidly depleting! Apples and pears are they!!
    Good luck!