Friday, 24 December 2010

Hallelujah! 21 today!....24/12/2010

No, not my Birthday...21 Waxwings perched prettily in a tree...and on a roof! After a visit to a Garden Centre I had to pop into Stourbridge town for a couple of items and low and behold I spotted 5 Waxwings fly into one of the trees that they had been reported in yesterday! I quickly shopped and on returning to my car I was thrilled to see 21 Waxwings in the trees! I had taken my camera with me just in case I had spotted anything around the Garden Centre. After taking a few shots they flew to a rooftop and then flew away over the town! It is surprising how such a small bird can give so much pleasure, I felt over the moon with the sighting of them!

A pleasing final post for which I really did not think would happen.

Feliz natal!

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