Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hoar frost and my garden visitors.

It has been interesting observing my garden visitors during this last couple of weeks of freezing temperatures and snowy weather! The Blue, Coal and Great Tits have visited daily in the garden to feed but not as often as usual, which seems strange given the freezing temperatures! Maybe they are conserving their energy once they have filled up on seed and fats. Blackbirds are usually to be seen throughout the day as are Dunnocks, a Robin or two at times having a tussle, Wren (on a hop and a catch), Woodpigeons and Magpies! Woodpigeon numbers have increased from an average of five to an average of seventeen this week!! A couple of Magpies are usually never too far away , one being much smaller than the other so a juvenile I presume. They must be stashing the food as throughout this cold spell they have been taking food and flying off with a beak full and returning within a couple of minutes and filling up again and flying off again and again! They must have been watching the Squirrels and Coal Tits stashing food! Surprise visitors have been Black-headed Gulls, well not really a surprise as I had them in my garden during the cold spell of last winter. There were 20+ circling the garden last Sunday and at least 8 came down at times to grab a bite to eat, hard to count them when they are flapping about on the lawn!! I had a similiar number this afternoon in and over the garden. One has to feel for the wildlife during these freezing temperatures. A Fox has also been in the garden, it has left it's calling card several times! Three weeks ago it visited in daylight, a great sight to see though it must have been hungry to visit at that time of day. The photo's were in the main taken through a window as I did not wish to disturb the birds, for them to feed in peace was much more important than a 'decent' pic!

Temperatures are set to rise at the weekend though this will be short lived! It is going to be a long winter this one!

How quickly the end of 2010 seems to have come around, hard to think there is just over three weeks of the year left now and then it will be the end of my 2010 blog. The end is nigh!

I thought this poem by Marilyn Lott was a delight to read, it describes the beauty of hoar frost with so much eloquence.

Hoar frost Magic

There is nothing quite as beautiful
As a frozen winter scene
At times with proper moisture
Hoar frost crystals can be seen

It's like climbing into another world
As thick ice forms on everything
Nothing else is quite the same
As what these crystals bring

Beauty beyond anything else
Forms on the world around
Gathering up and clustered
Just like a frozen shroud

There's a stillness in the air
When hoar frost crystals form
The quiet world is engulfed
From this beautiful winter storm

So if you are so fortunate
To see the hoar frost magic
Grab your camera and capture
Nature's icy antics!

Marilyn Lott


  1. Nice to see your garden so prettily decorated with the recent Hoar Frost Pam,the poem is beautifully descriptive of them and I love the Squirrel image too!

  2. Thanks for your comments Ruth. The Squirrel looked as though it was warming it's feet! Cold weather we are in for again so there may be a few more frost/snow photo's added before the end of the year.