Monday, 6 December 2010

The last post...........of my Algarve hol!

The last few photo's of my holiday were taken in various locations but in the main at my favourite reserve Pera Marsh. A Sacred Ibis turned up there and stayed for a few day's, I was fortunate to get a (not too bad) photo as it was quite a distance away. A strange looking bird and great to see. Spoonbills were a pleasure to watch as they 'spooned' close by, their numbers as with the Lapwings and Godwits increased greatly as the days went by.

It feels a bit surreal now posting holiday photo's that were taken in hot sunshine when there is at present freezing temperatures, snow lying on the ground, foggy and a hoar frost!

I am counting the days to my next 'Algarve' holiday!


  1. It's been a pleasure to read your posts and view all your super pics from your recent holiday Pam,the Ibis is an odd looking bird isn't it!
    I love the Cattle and Turtle shots too!
    Hope it's not too long before you'll be able to get back to your favourite spot at Pera Marsh!

  2. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the read and pics Ruth and thank you very much for all of your kind comments.

    The Sacred Ibis is an odd looking bird, as though something is missing in the middle if you get what I mean. Unbalanced is the word I am looking! I now have the Glossy, Bald and Sacred Ibis under my belt!!

    Tha cattle photo is a favourite of mine. The dog lying in the shade of the Cork Oak tree caught my eye, a sensible dog given the heat of the sun.

    The days are shortening!!