Sunday, 12 December 2010

Rudolph the red- nosed Reindeer..well not quite!....12/12/2010

I had a few hours to myself today so off I went to the local Fisheries only to see a closed gate on arrival, given the weather lately I should have realised it would not be open! Then after having to reverse my car for what seemed miles to let a 4x4 with the biggest ever caravan I have seen being towed down a country lane pass safely by I headed for Hagley Hall and the Deer Park.

It was good to see the Fallow Deer grazing close by the fence. I walked through the Churchyard to get a clearer view of them. After a while a small group of Ramblers arrived and this spooked the herd, a pity as it was good to have seen them at close quarters. I did not realise that Deer can bounce along on all four legs as lambs will do, a couple of the Deer were doing this and it looked very strange indeed, quite comical in fact.
Birds were few and far between, the only birds seen were Crows, Jackdaws and Jays and a Blue Tit was heard.


  1. That's a great capture of the Jackdaw pair Pam......great little birds aren't they!
    A nice report and images from your visit to Hagley Hall!

  2. Jackdaws are great little birds Ruth but so! I only ever get them in my garden when they are feeding young. Maybe the cold weather will bring them in.