Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snowy Saturday....18/12/2010

The first significant snowfall of the Winter arrived today (18th), I thought it would never stop snowing! I suppose we have been lucky up until today in my part of the West Midlands. Black-headed Gulls soon arrived when the ground food was put down on a lawn they were soon joined by Magpies and Woodpigeons. The temperature fell drastically overnight and at 7.00am (19th)the temperature was -10c, in Pershore, Worcestershire it fell to -19c!!
Today (19th) I have put out bread that has been marinating overnight in the fat/juice from the tray that a joint of gammon was cooked in! Needless to say this went down well with the birds. I have had a Fieldfare, Redwings x3 and a male Blackcap in my garden this morning, good species to put down on my BTO Garden count. The Blackcap and Fieldfare were none too pleased at the apples I have staked on a tree being frozen despite my attempt at defrosting them, hopefully they will return.


  1. Lovely to see your snowy garden and to read all about your visitors Pam......I bet that bread tasted good!
    Those icycles are wonderful,bet they'll take some thawing.......there's no sign of it yet is there? Our road has turned black for the first time since Friday night.......the cars at last making an inroad into the snow!!

  2. The birds had bread soaked in the sausage fat left in the grill pan this morning and tomorrows offering has been soaked in!They soon woof it down them.
    The icicles are still in situ Ruth, joined by several more now. A slight thaw today but everything freezing up again this evening and the snow has started to fall again.
    I hate to say it but your road might be white over again in the morning as you are also due some more snow.

  3. How right you were Pam,our road is indeed white again with another 3" falling looks beautiful but I'll be glad when everyone is where they should be for xmas day!

  4. Luckily only about an inch of snow here today Ruth.
    Travel is a big problem at present for a lot of people!