Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Roaming down Roman Way. ...09/01/2011

A morning visit to Roman Way, Stourbridge, to see if any of the reported 125 Waxwings were still about..there was... just one! One is better than none so I was not disappointed..well not much.lol!! The path that runs between a housing estate and paddocks and fields is quite a productive area and one that will be worth keeping an eye on. There where several small flocks of House Sparrows, a treat to see and hear as I do not see them in my garden now. Good to see that they are still in numbers fairly locally to me. Collared Doves are another bird I do not see in my garden now and today 8 were perched in a tree, a visit here a couple of days later and there were 13 in a tree! As with the Sparrows it was pleasing to see the Collared Doves in good numbers. The air was filled with bird song along the path as it was such a sunny morning, it made one think of Spring but no doubt colder weather will return before too long! Mistle Thrush, Starling, Blackbird, Robin, Redwing, Blue & Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Chaffinch and G S Woodpecker were other species seen in this relatively small area!

In the afternoon a new area was to be explored... 'The Million' sometimes referred to as the 'Kinver Million', near Enville in Staffordshire. A plantation of extremely tall Pine trees that seemed to stretch forever! The walk was easy underfoot owing to the pine needles and the sandy soil. I had wished I had put my walking boots on instead of wellies but once up the seemingly never ending hill the area opened out to deciduous trees and a muddy bridleway so I was glad of my wellies! Bird species today in 'The Million' consisted of Goldcrests, Marsh Tits and the odd Blue Tit! Quiet for wildlife but still a good walk and the sunset through the pines was a pleasant sight to see after a long day outdoors

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