Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A goose and er...Kingfisher day!....20/02/2011

A short stop off at the Lickey Hills before heading to Bittell Reservoirs was fruitless! Plenty of families were out for walks on what was a misty, grey and cold day, good to see people taking in the air but no good for birdwatching. Maybe a week day visit would be more productive being quieter. Blue and Great Tits aplenty, a Raven perched in a tree was a nice sight to see and hear as it noisily took flight, Siskins were heard only! The coffee was good at the visitor centre so all was not lost.

The walk down the public footpath towards the reservoirs at Bittell was to be the highlight of the day. A Kingfisher flew along the first duck pond and landed in a Holly tree! It was motionless for a few minutes and then dived several times for fish, they were wonderful views of such a special bird! Mallard, Coot, Moorhen, Tufted Duck and Mute Swan where also on this pond.

The second pond was devoid of birds that is until reaching the end of the pond. A pair of Goosander where on the water looking stunning on the still water! A great photo opportunity of such a serene scene I thought but just as I was about to take a photo the Canada Geese that were in the field behind the pond let out such a racket then off went the Goosanders to the reservoir!! I noticed that one of the Canada Geese had a pretty neck, I think they should all look like this, it adds a bit of character.lol!!

The reservoir was busy with boats on the water and fisherman on and at the side of the water. The Goosanders seen earlier had joined several more at the far side of the water, Great Crested Grebe x10 and plenty of Gulls were on the water! No Slaty-backed Gull.....well as far as I could tell anyway.lol!!
Blue & Great Tits, Robin, Blackbird, Songthrush x2, Jay, Sparrowhawk, Jackdaw, Carrion Crow, Woodpigeon, Magpie and a great sight of 3 Buzzards soaring where the other species seen on this dull, damp and cold day! The Kingfisher and Goosander pair certainly brightened the day!


  1. You saw some good birds at the reservoirs Pam,what a shame that the Goosanders were spooked before you had a chance to photograph them.....oh well maybe next time eh.....that's the great thing about birding int it.....there's always the next trip!
    That's a nice capture of the Kingfisher amongst the Holly....an unusual perch.....nice you got to see it fishing too!

  2. PS.There is a Red Breasted Merganser there today......you'll have to plan another trip asap!!

  3. It will probably have flown by the time I get the chance to return Ruth! S**s law it arrived the day after my visit, it was also seen yesterday!
    Glad you liked the Kingfisher pic Ruth, it was a real treat to watch!