Friday, 18 February 2011

A Moth who came in from the cold....18/02/2011

I found my first Moth of 2011 in my kitchen this morning! It has been ID'd as being a Bright-line Brown-eye! I wonder if it is as bright this evening though as it is an early flyer, normally flying May-July, July- September! I now feel guilty having set it free in my garden this morning! A new Moth species for me and a delight to see close up.


  1. What a lovely creature and with a great name too!
    I'm sure it will have found somewhere sheltered to lie low until such time as it's ready to wake up properly!

  2. Thanks Ruth! A wonderful name indeed! I had initially ID'd it in my guide book as being a Bright-line Brown eye but the flight period threw me. I didn't proffer a name when I put the photo up for ID, however my ID was correct . I was pleased to know that I can get some things!!
    Maybe it will re-appear in the milder months to come.