Saturday, 5 February 2011

RSPB Greylake....29/01/2011

A friend who had given me information on RSPB Ham Wall and Shapwick Heath had told me about RSPB Greylake saying that there is a good all weather hide there if the need for some shelter was needed. After yesterdays raw temperatures it certainly was needed. It was an easy walk along the boardwalk to the hide with good views of the many ditches and scrapes. Once in the hide it was good to be out of the cold of which it was again today. As with RSPB Ham Wall, Greylake used to be arable farmland and is now managed for wetland birds and other wildlife. The frozen flooded field in front of the hide held numerous Teal, Mallard and Wigeon and a few Shoveler. I spotted a Peregrine that was stood motionless on a grassy bank on the far side of the iced water, it was soon to be joined by three Carrion Crows that tried to mob the Peregrine but the Peregrine was having none of it and stood it's ground, turning at times towards the Crows as if to say "come on then".lol! Good scope views were had of the activity. A second Peregrine was soon spotted a few yards away. A local gentleman told me he thought they may well be last years young and were sticking together. A Common Buzzard later flew in and the Crows decided to mob the Buzzard. I was hoping to see a Water Rail today but no luck. Three Common Snipe flew over the water and dropped down into the reeds, nice to see. Other bird species seen at Greylake were Jackdaw, Rook, Starling, Magpie and a Pied Wagtail and Robin seen on the carpark, I left some seed on the fence posts and ground for the two latter birds. I have added a photo of the sightings board at Greylake for January, an impressive species list and good to see the information is updated, a well watched reserve.! How I would love to have seen a Spotted Crake and Merlin amongst a few other species, one day maybe. A great reserve with easy access and a warm..well in comparism to a viewing point...hide!!


  1. A nice report of your day at RSPB Greylake Pam,it looks to be a nice reserve though I can imagine how cold it felt too.....I bet that heated hide was very welcoming!

  2. Thanks Ruth, I am glad you enjoyed the report.

    The hide wasn't heated but had four sides and a! It felt possitively balmy in there though after just the relatively short walk to the hide. I didn't feel the cold as much in the big freeze we had in December. Though I wasn't outdoors for hours on end then and I was a month younger, poor old! It was good fun over the long weekend so I can't!