Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Birds, Butterflies, Mini's and Flower Power!....19/03/2011

My Saturday solitude walk was taken at Brake Lane this morning! What a beautiful morning it was too, an early frost and sunshine all the way! A Skylark was heard as I readied myself for the walk and two Yellowhammers flew overhead, Rooks were feeding in a field as they followed a ploughing tractor. The usual Tits were seen and heard along the lane and when at the end of the lane I could hear Siskins that were atop of the Alders! On checking I was delighted to see a Brambling amongst them..brill...my first Brambling in this area! A Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming in the large garden alongside the bridleway where I lingered to look for Goldcrests but no joy today with them. A pair of Mistle Thrush were in a paddock along with Woodpigeons, Crows and Magpies. As I reached the few houses by the Lake I could hear a Robin singing so took the opportunity to take another video and hey presto no background noise on this video all but birds singing! A surprise pair of Goosander were on the Lake, another first on this walk, also a pair of Stock Doves were spotted in the trees, so another first for the walk. I walked further today, the walk taking me alongside the stream beyond the few houses. In a field alighted a Comma Butterfly, my first of the year and a delight to see. Great to see the trees and shrubs starting to bud now and Blackthorn in flower. I enjoyed this walk immensely today and after nearly four hours I returned home, refreshed and ready for a cuppa!

Early afternoon I had a Comma and Peacock Butterfly bathing in the warm sunshine in my garden. A lovely sight and uplifting!

Now the Mini's and Flower Power were to be seen on the evening! A 60's themed Birthday party! As ancient as I am the evening brought back fond memories of the 60's, as Hary Mopkin's sang 'Those were the days'. Oh yes, those certainly were the days! It was a 'fab' evening!


  1. A lovely post to read Pam and those 2 singing videos a delight to see and hear......the Wrens were singing here on Saturday also,it always amazes me how such a tiny bird can make such a noise......glad that both your films were uninterupted on this occasion!! lol

    As for Hary Mopkin....those certainly were the days weren't they!!

  2. Thanks Ruth! When I heard and spotted a Robin again I couldn't pass the opportunity to video again! The Wren was a bonus and a joy to hear. I almost managed a video of a Yellowhammer singing merrily away atop of a hedgerow but a jogger and his dog spooked the Yellowhammer.

    Another reminder of the 60's...The Kinks..'Days'!

    A lovely surprise to see you as a 'Follower' on my Blog Richard. A warm welcome to you. I hope you enjoy my ramblings.