Monday, 14 March 2011

Guess who came in for Breakfast?....14/03/2011

An unlucky Blackbird was on the menu for breakfast for this male Sparrowhawk in my garden this morning. We had a sharp frost this morning so no doubt the Sparrowhawk was ready for a meal!

Not surprisingly my garden was devoid of little birds, only a bolshie Magpie and two Woodpigeons were having a look around for food. No doubt the Magpie was after scraps once the Sparrowhawk had finished with it's kill!

When I returned home from therapy...retail therapy...all that remained of the Blackbird was a pile of feathers and it's beak.


  1. Fantastic pics Pam,what a gruesome and yet awesome sight he have to feel sorry for the Blackbird but the Spawk has to eat too!

  2. Gruesome but as you say the Spawk has to eat Ruth. I am just glad that I did not see the initial kill as that to me is very distressing, I am a softie at I took the pics from an open landing window so as not to disturb the Sparrowhawk. It was a bit gruesome finding just the beak and feathers remaining on my return home.

    Thank you for all of your kind comments, they are as always very much appreciated.