Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weekend wanderings!....26/03/2011

A bleak foggy/misty Saturday morning was not at all inspiring for an early morning walk after the warm sunny days during the week, however I am not faint hearted and set off for Wassell Grove Pools! On the way to the pools the usual Corvids were seen and a House Sparrow which was good to see! I heard a Skylark singing as I drove down the track to the Pools but no way was I going to see it this morning! I wished I had brought my hat and gloves once out of my car as the cold air hit me! I scanned the paddocks for Wheatear as Craig (Lutley Birder) had seen a female here the day before, no luck today but I did have a good chat with Craig who was enjoying a hot drink before heading home to warm up! A flock of Fieldfare passed over as we chatted, they were heading North, I might add it was Craig who told me the direction they were heading, I have never been any good at N, S, E & W unless I am in my garden looking at the weather vane. I really must carry a!! Good to see you again Craig!

On my walk a couple of Chiffchaffs were almost constantly singing, good to hear them here again. Blue Tits were seemingly everywhere, flying from tree to tree making me feel giddy! I walked along the path through the wooded area and happened upon a pair of Long-tailed Tits flying into a patch of brambles with beaks full of feathers, they were nest building! I watched for a minute or two and then quietly walked away to let them get on with their nest. A great sight was a Kestrel hovering and then perching in a tree before flying off to the fields beyond the Fisheries. A female Bullfinch was good to see if only fleetingly!

I later stopped off at Hagley Church & Hall as it had been a few weeks since my last visit. Nothing really of note other than a flock of Fieldfare in the Deer Park and a Raven gronking as it flew over the park.

My first Chiffchaff pic of 2011..well I tried in the dismal!!
A sunny day...not!

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